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At Book Crafts, we specialize in the repair and rebinding of old books and Bibles. We also do new projects, such as presentation bindings and protective enclosures, including slip cases and clamshell boxes. We do many old family Bibles from about 1850, that are really beautiful and often contain family history and information between the Old and New Testament pages. We repair these and keep them as original as possible.

On some old leather books such as Bibles, we repair the spine with a specially-made paper from the University of Iowa paper department. We can color this paper to match each book. This material will not self-destruct, unlike even the most expensive leathers available today, which self-destruct within twenty years. We have seen this demise in books we receive that have been repaired in the past. We can do such a good job that people sometimes can't tell a book has been repaired.

We also have blank books or journals for sale, and in stock! We can custom make blank books to your specifications. Call or email us today for more information.

Book Crafts - Where to get your books repaired
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