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Q: Can we send books to you?

A: Yes, pack them well and ship by either UPS or US Mail to: Book Crafts - 5405 NE Jessup, Portland, OR 97218

Q: What is your favorite type of project?

A: We really like to do cloth repairs, also known as rebacking. We have over 300 types of cloth in stock, and each can be colored slightly if necessary to match an original color.

Q: I am a photographer/artist; can you make a portfolio to present my work?

A: Yes, we can either put your pages into a book format, or make a clamshell box to hold mounted works of art.

Q: Can we have our book copied and then bound?

A: Yes, we can help you remove the pages from their binding, then you can do all the copying. We can then bind new copies and rebind your original.

Q: My favorite paperback has split in two. Is there anything you can do?

A: We can sew the pages together. We can then put them back into their original cover, or convert them into a hard cover. We can make an inset panel to incorporate the original paper cover, and stamp the title onto the spine.

Q: A water pipe broke in our house and we have wet books. Can you help us?

A: We can refer you to a company that specializes in drying the pages. Then we can make a new binding or hopefully repair your existing cover.

Q: What is the oldest book you've worked on?

A: A large leather tome cataloguing the books shelved in Aristotle's library, from 1576.

Q: What is the most valuable book you've worked on?

A: A first edition of The Hobbit, worth $56,000! This was a cloth rebacking job. Also, someone had removed the map and had it framed. We had to repair the map and insert it back into the book.

Q: Why did my dog eat my book?

A: Historically, animal-based glues were used in the binding process, and one lick is all it takes. Good Doggy!

Q: Can we come visit?

A: Yes, we have some very old and unique equipment. We have samples of work completed or in progress. For children, a bookmark can be made with gold foil.

Phil The Glue Guy
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