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Hi, I'm Phil Poehlein, I have been working as a bookbinder for almost 20 years. I was destined to work with old things. Growing up in Indiana, I helped my parents refinish antique furniture. In college, I liked to dress in old-man clothes.

After college I worked with historical photograph collections, cataloguing and putting together exhibitions. My last hike with my great uncle was to the family homestead, all that is left is just a crease in the ground. I like old things and this profession allows me to see many amazing old things.


Bindery Theme Song: "Mañana (Is Soon Enough for Me)" by Peggy Lee, because you can't rush a good thing!

Office Logo: "We stop cleaning where others begin."

Our Favorite Animal: Dogs-thanks for all the work!


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Phil - "the glue guy"
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